Farkle Rules

Farkle Rules

Object of Farkle: 

To be the player with the highest score, after at the end of whichever round a player first scores 10,000 or more.

Introduction to Farkle:

  • Six dice are used.
  • Single 1's and single 5's are worth points as outlined below.
  • Other numbers are worth points in the combinations outlined below.
  • At least one scoring die must be removed after every roll.
  • Once a die is removed (or dice are removed) they cannot be combined with other dice for scoring.  For example, if you set aside two 5's on one turn to score 100 points, and then roll another 5 on the next turn, the new 5 cannot be added to the previously removed (scoring) 5's to make 500 points (the score for three 5's).

Before starting Farkle:

  • Choose one player to be the scorekeeper.  This person will record the scores of all the Farkle players.
  • All players roll one die.  Whoever rolls the highest number goes first, with play then moving counterclockwise to the left.
  • Before a player is allowed to start collecting points, they must have a running total of at least 500 points in a turn.

Playing Farkle:

  • When a Farkle player's turn comes up, they roll all six dice onto the playing area.  If any dice roll or fall off the playing area, or land in any position other than flat on one face, those dice are rolled again.
  • After every roll, at least one die (or combination of dice) worth points must be set aside.  Any dice set aside after a roll cannot be combined with dice from subsequent rolls. 
  • A running total of points is recorded for each Farkle player's turn.
  • Assuming the player has reached their first 500 points (or more), the player can stop rolling at any time during their turn and collect their points.
  • If a player can set aside all six dice, they can all be rolled again to continue the turn and add to the running score of Farkle points.
  • If you cannot set aside any dice after a roll that is a Farkle.  A Farkle may happen on your first roll, or on any subsequent roll.  A Farkle results in the loss of all running points for that turn, and play moves to the next player.

Winning Farkle:

When a player reaches or passes a total of 10,000 points, every player has one last turn to beat that total.  After all Farkle players have taken their last turn, the player with the highest score wins.